Friday, 11 October 2013

A Good Week Really

The week has gone well, so far at least!

Last Saturday I managed for possibly the first time ever to get up and run BEFORE work! I knew I wasn't going to have time after for various reasons, so pre-breakfast it was. It felt stiff and clumpy, but the early morning sun and mist over the fields made it better and I felt more awake for the rest of the day than I had done all week previously.

Sunday was no real exercise as we had step-daughter over.

Monday I had a long run planned, car repairs conspired to get in my way, but the garage couldn't fit me in til Tuesday so I had no more excuses! Rucked up and f*cked off to Osmotherly. From there, I followed the Cleveland Way along Rueberry Lane and over Beacon Hill onto Scarth Nick Moor, love it up there. Into Clain Wood and down the incline and through the trees. Then, over two fords in quick succession and along lanes to the farmstead of Scugdale. I knew there was a big climb to come in the form of Live Moor, but apart from the flagged path being quite slippery underfoot, it wasn't that bad. The moor top path climbs gradually all the way to the summit of Carlton Bank, before dropping sharply on more slippy flags and passing into the grounds of Lord Stones. The cafĂ© and facilities here are being done up and they look like they'll be good!

Stone Circle at Lord Stones

I found the stone circle at Lord Stones, something I've never noticed before and did my Team We Love a Challenge burpees (don't ask) and had a munch on a cereal bar. It was cold and windy here.
I turned to retrace my steps. Steep climb back up Carlton Bank, pausing to chat to some American ladies (presumably on holiday) who thought my 15 mile run was quite amazing!

Twin trigs at the summit of Carlton Bank

Back to Scugdale was pretty much all downhill and quite relaxed. I stopped at one of the fords beyond the farmstead to wash sweaty arms and face and get the salt out of my eyes (stingy) then carried on back into the woods. The incline in Clain Wood was a beast and I made no attempt to run up it, walking was tiring enough! Another climb, the reverse of Scarth Nick Moor is quite taxing and I walked on and off here.

Birch trees at the top of Beacon Hill

The descent however was much better, although I was aware my legs were starting to get a little crampy. At the bottom of Beacon Hill was a patch of blackberries, so I paused for some in-run-nutrition and almost ate a ladybird- not to be recommended!! A handful of sweeties took the foul taste away and I carried on. Some hikers looked very displeased that I'd run through a field of cattle and they were all following me like the pied piper, as I ran on up the hill I could see them still dithering about what to do. At last, the final descent into Osmotherly. I gave the pub a miss as I had to drive home, settling instead on a pint of tea when I got back.

A pint of tea!

Tuesday was a rest day, but I got an hours walking in with the dog while the car was at the garage.

Wednesday is Harriers training. Usual night, 2 sets of circuits then outside for intervals, 4x 4mins tonight. All the people I normally run with were absent and it was odd running by myself.
After training, we had our club AGM. It was very civilised and all over in just half an hour! Being club Secretary, I'd spent weeks planning and organising, but I'm glad it went smoothly.

Thursday and it was time to run in the rain, wind, cold and dark with buddy HC. I ran down to her house first, then we go out along the local lanes before cutting back through town. Didn't seem to matter which way we turned, we always had a headwind! To make matters more 'interesting' I'd left my head torch at HC's house with my dry clothes, so we had one torch between two. Oh well, all makes for a good adventure! And of course we called in for a pint afterwards...

mmm refreshing Aspall in the Crown n Anchor

And so to Friday, today. After running about 30 miles with that ^^^ lot, I'm having a rest!

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