Monday, 18 November 2013

The future's bright, the future's long.

I wrote in my Fetch blog yesterday that I was excited about what was to come.

Just what did I mean? As you know, I want to go long distance (when my head is playing ball that is) I mean beyond 26.2.
The run at Goathland told me I'm getting there. I think 2014 will be spent consolidating the 20-30 mile races before tackling something bigger in 2015. I'm very taken with the whole Hardmoors set up, really enjoyed the 3 events I've done so far (despite the fact that HM30 left me injured and Saltburn Half caused me to blow-up) so I think the next step-up will probably be the HM55. I don't want it to be too easy...

There is still a lot of work to do, but I feel if I keep on keeping on I'll get there in time. 

I like doing the longer stuff. I love that people can't comprehend what I do. My non-running friends think I'm crackers, even my running friends ask me all sorts of odd questions! What do you think about? How do you run for 6 hours? And my favourite I got asked last night, with reference to Goathland - 'Did you cry? I think I would have done.' Bless her.
I love telling people about crazy vertical climbs, rocky paths, running in the dark, the snow, ice-covered routes (although admittedly I'm not keen on the ice myself), falling over in puddles and why lemonade with salt in it tastes soooo good!!!

You can keep your Rat Race type adventure races, the real adventure's out there man!!

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