Monday, 28 April 2014

A week inbetween.

Easter Monday and a bonus day off together so Paul and I headed to the nearby village of Hawnby for a nice sunny 8 mile-ish walk. The route was fairly easy to follow and might make a good running route for the future. For once though, it wasn't pleasantly uneventful! Tammy and I got 'attacked' by a ewe who took offence to us getting too close, Tammy got trampled and I got a horn in the leg, ouch! Then our path had been destroyed by recent logging so we had to re-route and at the same place we found an ant hill as high as Paul is tall! I think it was a manmade stack of logging debris and the ants had moved in. There were ants everywhere on the route, big horrid red ants. I almost wanted to pick Tammy up so they weren't on her feet. Yuk. Then, on the moor when were sat having a bite to eat, I got bitten by a common flower bug! I'm writing this a week later and I still have a bump. All in all though, it was a good walk- route details can be found in the routes section over on the right of the page.

Hawnby village.

On Tuesday I met up with Sharon to discuss club paperwork, but first we had a jog along the beck in town and around the tracks in Sowerby. I'd run down to meet her so did about 6.3 miles in total.

Wednesday was club training, Peter put us through our paces once more with a tough 'boot camp' style circuit session, before we attacked a 2 min interval session. I averaged around 7:18m/miles and for all but the last two reps felt quite comfortable at that! So why doesn't it translate to improving race times?!

The Thursday gang convened in Kilburn Woods for a fast, hilly 6 miler before descending on the Forresters Arm for a pint!

At last, rest days!! Quite ready for them as I've clocked up a good few miles again.

Plan A for this weekend had been the Yorkshire Three Peaks, but I'm worried I'm not fast enough so I never got as far as entering.
So, Plan B was to attend the Fell Leader in Running Fitness course at Carlton, but it was cancelled due to insufficient numbers, which was a shame. But it did mean I could participate in...
Plan C which involved consuming large quantities of calories at my Dad and Stepmum's joint birthday meal at a very posh Indian Restaurant. Much more civilised!

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