Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Supposedly resting...

Isn't that the normal thing to do after a marathon? Hmm.

Monday I went to club, drove down instead of running! Tough circuits, but my legs didn't want to know for the running portion, so it was just a steady jog.

Wednesday was Rolling Relays organised by a couple of guys from club. Oh dear. I was put into Coach Rob's team as the middle runner.
The route was a 6 mile off road loop, the fastest runners doing the full 6, middle runners doing 4 and the slowest runners doing the final 2.
We jogged out to our 'collection point' and awaited the arrival of the fast runners. As predicted, Rob was leading the pack and I took off like the clappers to keep up with him. It went well for the first 200m or so, then I spent the rest of the two miles trying not to vomit. Amazingly my legs pretty much went along with it! Rob and I were first into the collection point for our slowest team member, in our case Rob's wife Christine. (Christine later told me I looked dreadful as I came in...) Thankfully Christine is quite a bit slower than Rob and pace became more comfortable. The only problem with that was, two other teams over took us. Dammit.
The event had gone quite well, and we all had good runs.
Afterwards, we met up at the Athletic club for drinks and nibbles with our Beginners Group as a bit of a 'getting to know each other' exercise.

Thursday saw Hilary and I dragging Rob L up the big climbs in Kilburn Woods! Well, I say dragging, he didn't have any problems at all and we told him he should try a fell race...
I was tired now from the recent activities and was knackered by the time we'd done.
Time for a pint.

The big news is I managed to cover 100miles this month! Hurrah. I even put in an extra 1.5miles before going to Kilburn on Thursday just to make sure...

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