Sunday, 30 April 2017

Pre-race nervous ramblings.

Friday 18th April.

It's 10 past 10 in the pm.
We will be almost 14 hours into the Fellsman, hopefully going strong. Maybe on Fleetmoss, even better, beyond it...

I am struggling to make any kind of prediction to be honest... I'll just try and keep an eye on my watch...

I've packed my bag, had a massive plate of (rather disappointing) lasagna for tea and got everything ready for the morning. I am being picked up at 4:20am apparently, so I will be taking my breakfast with me!! Can't eat at that time of day, *shudder*.

Hohum, going to bed but I bet I don't get much sleep.

Ultrarunning is a funny thing. I am looking forward to this being over and getting my life back a little, while at the same time Googling the next adventure

Tuesday 25th April.

Got a cold.
It's not too bad a cold, I've had a lot worse.
My neck feels like it's full of tennis balls, sore throat, varying degrees of headache.
I am over the feverish stage, but still have the elevated heart rate thing going on.

Resting (apart from satisfying my stupid streak) and trying to eat, but I have no appetite and can't sleep.

Three days left to get better.


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