Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Blogging instead of running?

Marathon training is going ok so far. Up to the grand distance of 9.3 mile 'long' runs. My overall weekly mileage was 32 miles last week though, almost double what I normally do. That's good progress!
I've come to the conclusion that I need to exercise first. Today, my plan said a 3-4 mile interval session. It's half 3 and I havn't been out and probably wont. Fortunately I can do it tomorrow as part of my club session, but that is besides the point. I should have just gone straight out when I got in with the dog. (I'd walked her to the vets and back for her vaccinations. Poor thing is zonked out at the moment.) But instead I fannied about, had to have a drink, then lunch then a bit more fannying and basically ran out of time/enthusiasm for anything much.
I'm going to rue every wasted moment when I go back to full time in May. All this time I could (should) have spent training or cleaning or baking or anything other than sitting on Facebook and bloody Fetch!
I was having some doubts as to whether this marathon is a good idea while I was running yesterday. Fannying aside, will I ever be ready? Can I really prepare for 26 miles, 3500ft in such a space of time? I think it's the 3500ft that scares me more than the 26miles in a way. For 26 miles you can just keep plodding, walking if you have to and get round. It's the climbing that will exhaust the unprepared. I've done very little in the way of serious hills so far in my training. Although on Thursday I went with a group of blokes from club for a night run in Wass Woods which is moderately hilly and I didn't walk once, even though I desperately wanted to! (Just looking and that is only 261m or approx 800ft of ascent. Hmm keep climbing...)
Advice is vague, just really time on feet. All the various plans assume to want to do the London Marathon and don't really offer what I want for a tough fell marathon. Indeed, people talk of sub 3hr times like it's normal. The current female record for the Phoenix stands at 4hr15mins. Ha, I'll be lucky to get sub 6hrs I reckon!
Mind you, without the kick up the arse of the encroaching start date, I'll only flounder around the 10mile mark forever without ever really testing what I can do.

And this is why I should be out there, not sat here musing.

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