Sunday, 12 February 2012

Stupid snow.

Todays run was perhaps a little disappointing.
We have OH's little daughter and thought we'd go sledging up top. Well, they'd sledge and I'd run. I'd quickly mapped out a 5.5mile route along the Cleveland Way as far as Dialstone, then back along the road. I figured about an hour in the icy conditions.
We set off a little later than planned so I decided to simply run out for 30 mins, then back for 30 mins.
Well, the going alternated from sheet ice to ankle deep, foot numbing slush and everything in between. I didn't fall but did progress quite gingerly. By the time my 30 mins was up, I'd hardly covered any distance at all. The Dialstone turning was way off in the distance.
About a third of the way back, I found OH and daughter had come to meet me. Turns out there wasn't enough snow for sledging. I walked back with them.
It took 52 mins to cover less than 3 miles!! I may as well have walked!

 The little dot is me heading off into the distance!

 Looking along the route to High Barn.

 At High Barn.

 My sexy socks!

Cleveland Way finger post.

Bad time management/food planing/lazyness meant I didn't do any other exercise for the rest of the day.

It hasn't helped today that we had a big meal at lunch time and no proper tea, this means I have snacked all evening. I have though managed to resist the crisps and choccies and instead had malt loaf, tinned fruit and cheese. Not all in the same dish I hasten to add!!

I worry about my diet, yet I have been reading the blog Binks did of his LANY race last year and he seems to have existed on fast food and soda. Most of my fell running friends partake of regular cake and beer. Maybe I should stop worrying so much and so long as I get my F+V and plenty of protein, just enjoy a little? Dunno, it's not like I have a weight problem...

So, the proper training starts a week tomorrow. Maybe I should just start it tomorrow and be done with it? The only difference it will make is a slight improvement...

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