Sunday, 10 June 2012

An Emotional Run!

This morning was sunny (hurrah!) so after a nice lie-in and breakfast, OH took me to Osmotherly so I could run back home again. A little part of me didn't want to go, but what else was I going to do with myself all day?!

OH dropped me in the little village, I saw the notices for the Osmotherly summer games were up- the Phoenix is part of these games... He went off to take doglett around the reservoir, I hoisted my pack and started to trot out of the village on the Cleveland Way. Got nettled on the first bit of path!
A nice jog across fields, then a steep climb past White House Farm. This is the finishing route of the Phoenix and I thought I'll either be on my hand and knees trying not to be sick or skipping in jubilation. Most probably the former...
Now past the two small reservoirs in Oak Dale and onto the stiff climb to Square Corner where I joined the drove road which would form most of my route.
As I ascended Black Hambleton, I saw a familiar collie dog, was it the infamous Hazza Stollwood I wondered? No, he's more brown, then I realised it was Sam with Lorraine from Harriers out for a walk with her hubby and BIL. I pretended to run up the steep track, but they were having none of it! We stopped for a chat before continuing on our separate ways.
Now the track levelled out and I could get a bit more speed up. The weather was just right, high cloud, gentle breeze and not too hot. I stopped at a stream and washed my face and arms which was very refreshing. Said hello to lots of cyclists, walkers and a couple of runners.
Reached Kepwick quarry quite easily and texted OH to let him know where I was.
It was shortly after this my motivation started to fail.
When I first started running, I'd watched Anton-what's-his-face effortlessly gliding across the desert on YouTube, and it was that freedom and wilderness that I wanted to achieve with my running. Here I was, running solo on the moors, free to go where I like as fast as I like and it all just felt boring and pointless. Physically, I was fine, not even particularly tired and I must have run about 7 miles by now. Just bored. I walked a bit. Half heartedly jogged a bit. Walked again. Considered texting OH to pick me up. Almost had a cry. Is this what they mean about the mental side of running?
I decided I wasn't a quitter, I'm not going to let this beat me and set off running again.
This flush didn't last long and I found myself sat on a log at High Barn looking down into the valley in the direction of home. I sat there for some time, wondering what to do. Sent OH a text saying I was sat in the rain struggling with motivation. He replied 'Move it'. I figured he was probably right and got going.
The terrain got a little more rocky and undulating now and I actually enjoyed that more than the flat easy drovers road!
I figured if I could get to the top of Thirlby Bank, I'd cracked it!
The bank path drops steeply down through trees, very muddy in places and I slithered and squelched my way down without getting too wet. I'd forgotten about Carr Lane which goes on forever before getting to Thirlby village. I stopped again at the ford to wash the sweat from my face and arms. In the village I saw one of my old work colleagues we said hi but neither had time for a chat.
Only 3 miles to go, I'd pre-ordered a chocolate milkshake and the thoughts of it kept me going. I was getting tired and stiff now.
The last obstacle was Felixkirk Bank and I walked up that. A slow downhill shuffle all the way home. I scoffed the last few jelly babies in my pocket and had a good drink of water as I didn't need to worry about getting stitch any more. At last I was home and the promised milkshake was waiting for me. I gulped it too fast and made myself feel a bit queasy, my own fault for being greedy!!

So, now it's over and I've had a nice hot shower, I'm bloody glad I carried on. I'm so pleased that OH didn't offer me a lift when I texted him, as I would have spent the rest of the day beating myself up.

I'm not a quitter, I can do this.

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