Sunday, 17 June 2012

Nothing to say about running...

A quick round up of the week...

Monday - Club night with Sonja was a little harder than usual, essentially we did a sprints session!! I was struggling to keep up the 80% effort, even over the short timings, felt very sick! But we all managed it. It hurt after yesterdays long 'run'.

Tuesday - No specific training, stiff and achey. Rest day.

Wednesday - Bloody cricket on the field. Our running track was a funny shape! We did 6x 3min efforts. Then there was a committee meeting afterwards. Interesting...

Thursday and Friday - Both very lazy evenings really. OH out at Scouts on Friday night.

Saturday - Headed out for a run from work, but struggled with stitch all the way around. My normal loop is approx 5miles, but I decided to do the shorter loop instead. When I measured it at home, I found it was 2.25 miles. Was it worth it I ask myself??
Did do an hour of gardening though!

Sunday - Today's plan stated 18miles. In my head I'd put together a route which I admit didn't fill me with excitement. It's now half 3 in the afternoon and I still haven't been out. I was dangerously close to being motivated, first by a blog on Fetch then again by a little video on YouTube about the HM110. Still didn't make it out of the door.
I don't know.
There's all sorts of stupid stuff going on in my head. A lot of it is straight forward lazyness and I just can't be arsed. I'm not quitting cos it's difficult, more cos I'm bored. I can run 10miles, so what is the point of running 4? Will it make any difference to the marathon? How will I feel after it? I figure I'll either be full of motivation or it will finish me off.
Not so long ago my dream was to run an Ultra, ultimately the HM110. I'm not going to get there with this attitude. Do I want to get there any more??
I had a look earlier through some of my older diaries, I have them going back to 2000. I wanted to see if this apathy is as 'new' as it feels... No, it's not. I've been battling the same demons for the last 30 years it would seem. I'm seeking some sort of epiphany to break me out of my hibernation. I'm aware I'm not living to the full and that bugs me somewhat. Hushing the fuck up and getting on with stuff would probably be a good place to start!

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