Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Week on mashed legs!

Monday, the day after Glaisdale Rigg, I thought it would be a good idea to jog down to club. Yeah.
We did some odd one-legged press-up-mountain-climber combo. 40 secs on, 20 secs rest for around 20 reps. Ouch.
The jog home was steady but starlit.

Tuesday car was back in the garage to have the new ignition coil fitted. Walked home, then back to pick it up later. Total of around 6 miles.

Wednesday at club started with circuits, mix of traditional exercises. Then outside for 6x 3mins. It felt so hard. No energy in my legs at all still.

Thursday night headtorch run with Hilary, although we didn't really need the torches now (assuming we set off early enough or course!) Again, it felt like the longest 4 miles ever, but it turned out we still got round in 33-34 mins so not too shabby.

Had a nice rest on Friday and Saturday! Legs are so tired and just feel mashed. The dog has popped the tennis ball I use to roll the muscles, little monkey.

The Hardmoors 55 takes place on the 22nd March and the buzz on the Hardmoors Facebook page is growing daily. Everyone is excited, tapering begins now for the competitors. I hope to be joining them next year. All this running on tired legs will get them used to the idea, as I'm sure they'll be tired during the 55mile run!!

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