Sunday, 3 May 2015

Two runs and a DNS...

I have generally speaking, been having an 'off month' from training following on from the Hardmoors 55 in March. This last week, well week before really now, particularly lacking in training!
Thought I had better start getting back into the swing of things before I forget how to run completely.

Wednesday should have been a time trial at Club, but I felt too fat (I've put on several pounds too due to lack of exercise) and unfit to do that justice, so I decided to go for a jog into town and back. It was a run of two halves to say the least! For the first mile and a half I suffered terrible stitch, having to have 3 walk breaks in that time to try and shift it. I felt like a beginner all over again! Once that finally cleared and I could get into some sort of rhythm, I felt much better and ended up finishing strong with a good run up Plump Bank. It wasn't a pretty run by any means, but I felt better having done it.

Thursday is the traditional Kilburn Woods run, just 6 of us tonight. My legs didn't feel too bad once we'd set off, but my lungs didn't want to work and the whole way round they burned, made worse by any sort of incline. It was uncomfortable to say the least, but we got round in a respectable time.

Friday is always rest day and Saturday was too as I was due to do a half marathon on Sunday. However, by mid-morning on Saturday it was clear I had a cold. Second one of the year. By Saturday evening, I wasn't sure if I wanted to race, especially as the forecast was awful. Still, I got my stuff together and figured I could decide in the morning...

...Sunday dawned and this time the forecast was right, it was pissing it down and blowing a gale. I lay in bed pondering what to do. I figured that 3 hours (it's a Hardmoors race, so Half Mara = 15 miles = 3 hours running) out on the moors in the lashing rain and cold wind probably wouldn't do my cold any favours. A shorter race or better weather and I would have stuck it out. I felt a bit of a pansy, but I didn't go. Of course, I have two more races coming up in quick succession, so they are in jeopardy too! Looks like my 'month off' might continue for a few more days... grr.

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