Friday, 1 July 2011

An Audience with Mr Hare.

Doglett and I went for a walk while The Boy was at Scouts. It was rather a jungle adventure!
The first field was deep with burdock, so much so the dog was hidden. It took ages to cross it. The next field wasn't so bad, but we couldn't cross the beck due to nettles. We managed to found our way through the crops to the tractor bridge, but then it was so thick with thistles I had to carry Doglett!
Onto track at last.
Bounce and run went the hares, loads as it was early evening and their time to roam.
We got to the cows and decided the flora was so thick we'd wrestle the cattle rather than retrace our steps. They were quite frisky, but didn't actually chase us this time...

So, what happens now the solstice has passed? The long climb down to winter and the turn once again of the year. I guess. Time still for long evenings of running or riding or walking out, but not to the village!

Today begins the July Distance Challenge, I have the added incentive of PC from Harriers wanting to take me on! He reckons he will do 130 miles... Whatever. Today I've done 5.75 miles. Only 114.25 to go... (my target is 120miles for July)

Blessed be.

eta- why are the times all screwed up? It's really 22:09...