Local - Sutton Bank, Cold Kirby

Sutton Bank and Cold Kirby
9.5 miles mixed farmland, taking in part of the Cleveland Way. Easy to follow footpaths and tracks, gentle gradients.
Park at the pull in at the top of Town Car Bank, near Glider Club on Sutton Bank (the car park at the Sutton Bank visitor centre charges £4, but does have toilets café etc.)
From the parking area, turn right and follow the road past the Glider Club and out to the A170.

The A170 is a very busy and very fast road! Make good use of the verge!
Carefully cross the road to the Hambleton Inn, and take the footpath (marked Cleveland Way) running to the right of the pub property.

Follow the track, ignore the first turn into the big wooden gates. Look out for race horses!

Approaching the actual race yard, the drive splits, but you want the footpath on the right going through a wooden gate.

The path runs between paddocks and the exercise areas... where a site lane crosses, continue straight ahead.

Continue straight on to skirt the edge of woodland.

At the end of the wood, the path turns left to follow field boundaries

Three fields.

At the end of the third field, the path turns right, note there is no sign post here.
Follow the enclosed lane into the Hamlet of Cold Kirby.

In Cold Kirby, turn right and follow the road down to the far end of the hamlet.

Take the footpath running down the middle of the green, marked Cleveland Way.
It crossed the little stream before sweeping upwards and to the right...

...to come out on West Field Lane.
Turn left onto the lane and follow it gently downhill.

The lane meets a gate and the path passes into a field. The Cleveland Way follows the boundary before dropping into a thicket. Follow the path downhill, through another gate, continuing on the middle path downhill.

The path opens up as it meets the main track through Flassen Dale. Turn left...

...at the next junction, the Cleveland Way continues to the right.

but we are turning left into Tanker Dale.

Stay on the main track as it winds through the dale. It begins to climb after this corner.

The track emerges onto the road. Turn left.

A short distance along the road, pick up this bridle path on the left.

It runs across two fields before entering a smaller paddock which leads into an enclosed lane running by a farm house and onto the road in Cold Kirby.
Turn right on the road through the village and pick up the Cleveland Way all the way back to the Hambleton Inn.

After carefully crossing the A170 once again, take this footpath just near the road junction which runs along an ancient dike and out onto the cliff tops.

Turn left along the cliff tops.

About 3/4 of a mile along the path, follow a red arrow off the cliff top this is the top of the Angle Path.

Following the Angle path down the cliff.

At the bottom of the path, keep left onto the main track in Kilburn Woods.

The track swings left and climbs a small rise...

... to come out at the White Horse car park.

The Kilburn White Horse is a Victorian creation and not prehistoric artwork! There's also 151 steps to get up to the top of it!

At the top of the steps, the path doglegs back on itself to join the cliff top path once again, turn right and follow it back to the car!

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