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This is a little experiment I'm conducting to see how viable a 'photographic' walk/run route would be. Is it useful? Would it take too long to do etc. So, I thought I'd start with a short one- this is a 1.5 mile route I regularly do with the mutt. Here goes...

Joseph Turners and Pearsons Wood Route
Distance - 1.5 miles. Elevation - Flat. Terrain - Arable farmland.
Points of interest - Pearsons Wood
Starting Point - My house!
From my gate, turn right along Felixkirk Road.

After going over the second rise, look out for this driveway. The 'Public Footpath' sign is currently obscured by the cherry tree.
Turn into the driveway...

...and follow it over a small bridge (crossing Moor Lane Stell), then it snakes around towards a big house. This used to be the factory shop/distribution centre for Joseph Turners who make fine country clothing, hence the name of this route. That's moved into town now, the units are to let (at the moment). The private house is marked as Grizzle Field House on the OS map.

Pass through a wooden gate and into a pebbled car parking area. Keep to the grassed area between the pebbles and the cars.

In a slight gap in the hedge, you will find a stile. Go over it...

...turn immediately left through a break in the field boundary...

...then right onto a metalled farm track.

Follow the track for a short distance to this gap in the hedge. (There is a yellow arrow on the big tree.)

Turn through the gap and into the field. In this picture, the tractor lines mark the route ahead, but it's not always so clear on the ground! You're aiming for the corner of the hedge, opposite the lone tree.

The corner of the hedge! There is an arrow marker buried in here...

...turn right and follow the hedge.

In the corner, the path turns left...

...down a small bank...

...across the metalled drive...

...and through a stile into another field. Tammy is helpfully showing the way.

Once again, follow the hedge across the field and into the corner.

Pass through the gap (no stile) and into Pearsons Wood.

Take the second path on the right.

This is the main path. There are many little paths mown into the grass in Pearsons Wood and they can be worth exploring. There is a wealth of insect life, plants and flowers here in the summer, as well as birds, rabbits and sometimes deer.

Which ever route you take through Pearsons Wood, you will exit via a large wooden gate onto the road.

Just in case you have forgotten where you are!

On the road, turn right and head home.

Hmm, that works quite well. A longer route would have soooo many pictures! There's around 20 here for a 1.5 mile route. Also, a longer route would have a map to go with it!
I quite like the idea as I can add to it if I take different pictures (say in the snow) or I find out some local history or something.

Any comments gratefully received...

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