Friday 22 June 2012

A Tale of Two Races.

Wednesday evening saw the latest instalment of the Esk Valley Summer Series, Whorlton Run starting from the little village of Swainby. It was a warm and muggy evening, so I was surprised to see just one other Harrier.
The race was started by a man with a shotgun! Eep!
The first mile or so was on flat tarmac (this one only just scrapes in as a fell race really) and I was bored already. For the first time in a race I thought about giving up. I'd always thought I enjoyed my races, just the training I was struggling with??
as we rounded a corner, we were faced with Clain Wood and the massive hill we needed to climb and I really thought, this is silly. Anyway, I pressed on. The climb was on good track and road I ran as much as I could but eventually it got too steep to run with any sort of conviction. Climb continued through trees then briefly back onto the road before turning straight uphill. And I mean straight up hill! No one was running this, the field closed right up. As I scrambled up the bank, clinging onto the fence for balance and grabbing handfuls of wet bilberry bushes with my map clenched between my teeth and sweat dripping off my nose (sorry Flip, 'glow' dripping off my nose) I realised I was having a whale of a time!!
At the top was Whorlton Moor and the ground levelled out and we could run once more. It was easy going here and I loped along at a fairly steady pace. I could see Flip up ahead, but then as the route turned sharply downhill I lost him to the heather!
We crossed the rough ground and entered the woods on good track. To my amazement, I passed about 4 people on the downhill section!! Normally it's the other way around and I got this odd giddy feeling, I was at the front of my pack. I ran on, working to keep them behind me. We crossed a stream and the road at Scugdale before skirting another wood. The track undualted and I passed more people as I was able to run the 'ups'. I almost caught up with Flip once more, but he was faster over the fields marked with molehills and rabbit holes.
The final straight was back on tarmac, and only one of the people I passed came to overtake me. The finish was up hill and outside the castle ruins at Whorlton so we had a quick guided tour from a local runner!!
Back to the pub for tea and medals!!

No rest for the wicked, or tired legs, back out on THursday for the HDSRL fixture hosted by Swaledale. Slightly more Harriers for this race, 11 in total, mostly women.
We didn't really warm up as the heavens opened!!
Thankfully, it stopped raining in time for the start but it remained sticky throughout the race.
There's not a lot I can say about it really. The course was mostly flat, one bit went along rough track which was almost flooeded in places, but I managed to keep my trainers dry!
Everyone moaned about the 'big hill' about 4.5 miles in. I ran it without hardly breaking pace (I'm a fell runner don't you know?)
However, I am pleased I didn't have to do a head-to-head sprint at the end as I don't think my poor fell battered legs would have managed it!
For what felt like an old lady shuffle, I managed 9 min/miles or there abouts.
The club and pub had laid on a good spread of sarnies and acres of cake!! I was famished and ate loads!

So, a good two days of running. When I feel like crap and am about to spit my dummy out, I must remember how I felt on Weds night when I was running strong and enjoying myself on rough terrain.
Also, my form is looking better on the HDSRL photo, especially as it was taken right at the end of the race.

Sunday 17 June 2012

Nothing to say about running...

A quick round up of the week...

Monday - Club night with Sonja was a little harder than usual, essentially we did a sprints session!! I was struggling to keep up the 80% effort, even over the short timings, felt very sick! But we all managed it. It hurt after yesterdays long 'run'.

Tuesday - No specific training, stiff and achey. Rest day.

Wednesday - Bloody cricket on the field. Our running track was a funny shape! We did 6x 3min efforts. Then there was a committee meeting afterwards. Interesting...

Thursday and Friday - Both very lazy evenings really. OH out at Scouts on Friday night.

Saturday - Headed out for a run from work, but struggled with stitch all the way around. My normal loop is approx 5miles, but I decided to do the shorter loop instead. When I measured it at home, I found it was 2.25 miles. Was it worth it I ask myself??
Did do an hour of gardening though!

Sunday - Today's plan stated 18miles. In my head I'd put together a route which I admit didn't fill me with excitement. It's now half 3 in the afternoon and I still haven't been out. I was dangerously close to being motivated, first by a blog on Fetch then again by a little video on YouTube about the HM110. Still didn't make it out of the door.
I don't know.
There's all sorts of stupid stuff going on in my head. A lot of it is straight forward lazyness and I just can't be arsed. I'm not quitting cos it's difficult, more cos I'm bored. I can run 10miles, so what is the point of running 4? Will it make any difference to the marathon? How will I feel after it? I figure I'll either be full of motivation or it will finish me off.
Not so long ago my dream was to run an Ultra, ultimately the HM110. I'm not going to get there with this attitude. Do I want to get there any more??
I had a look earlier through some of my older diaries, I have them going back to 2000. I wanted to see if this apathy is as 'new' as it feels... No, it's not. I've been battling the same demons for the last 30 years it would seem. I'm seeking some sort of epiphany to break me out of my hibernation. I'm aware I'm not living to the full and that bugs me somewhat. Hushing the fuck up and getting on with stuff would probably be a good place to start!

Sunday 10 June 2012

An Emotional Run!

This morning was sunny (hurrah!) so after a nice lie-in and breakfast, OH took me to Osmotherly so I could run back home again. A little part of me didn't want to go, but what else was I going to do with myself all day?!

OH dropped me in the little village, I saw the notices for the Osmotherly summer games were up- the Phoenix is part of these games... He went off to take doglett around the reservoir, I hoisted my pack and started to trot out of the village on the Cleveland Way. Got nettled on the first bit of path!
A nice jog across fields, then a steep climb past White House Farm. This is the finishing route of the Phoenix and I thought I'll either be on my hand and knees trying not to be sick or skipping in jubilation. Most probably the former...
Now past the two small reservoirs in Oak Dale and onto the stiff climb to Square Corner where I joined the drove road which would form most of my route.
As I ascended Black Hambleton, I saw a familiar collie dog, was it the infamous Hazza Stollwood I wondered? No, he's more brown, then I realised it was Sam with Lorraine from Harriers out for a walk with her hubby and BIL. I pretended to run up the steep track, but they were having none of it! We stopped for a chat before continuing on our separate ways.
Now the track levelled out and I could get a bit more speed up. The weather was just right, high cloud, gentle breeze and not too hot. I stopped at a stream and washed my face and arms which was very refreshing. Said hello to lots of cyclists, walkers and a couple of runners.
Reached Kepwick quarry quite easily and texted OH to let him know where I was.
It was shortly after this my motivation started to fail.
When I first started running, I'd watched Anton-what's-his-face effortlessly gliding across the desert on YouTube, and it was that freedom and wilderness that I wanted to achieve with my running. Here I was, running solo on the moors, free to go where I like as fast as I like and it all just felt boring and pointless. Physically, I was fine, not even particularly tired and I must have run about 7 miles by now. Just bored. I walked a bit. Half heartedly jogged a bit. Walked again. Considered texting OH to pick me up. Almost had a cry. Is this what they mean about the mental side of running?
I decided I wasn't a quitter, I'm not going to let this beat me and set off running again.
This flush didn't last long and I found myself sat on a log at High Barn looking down into the valley in the direction of home. I sat there for some time, wondering what to do. Sent OH a text saying I was sat in the rain struggling with motivation. He replied 'Move it'. I figured he was probably right and got going.
The terrain got a little more rocky and undulating now and I actually enjoyed that more than the flat easy drovers road!
I figured if I could get to the top of Thirlby Bank, I'd cracked it!
The bank path drops steeply down through trees, very muddy in places and I slithered and squelched my way down without getting too wet. I'd forgotten about Carr Lane which goes on forever before getting to Thirlby village. I stopped again at the ford to wash the sweat from my face and arms. In the village I saw one of my old work colleagues we said hi but neither had time for a chat.
Only 3 miles to go, I'd pre-ordered a chocolate milkshake and the thoughts of it kept me going. I was getting tired and stiff now.
The last obstacle was Felixkirk Bank and I walked up that. A slow downhill shuffle all the way home. I scoffed the last few jelly babies in my pocket and had a good drink of water as I didn't need to worry about getting stitch any more. At last I was home and the promised milkshake was waiting for me. I gulped it too fast and made myself feel a bit queasy, my own fault for being greedy!!

So, now it's over and I've had a nice hot shower, I'm bloody glad I carried on. I'm so pleased that OH didn't offer me a lift when I texted him, as I would have spent the rest of the day beating myself up.

I'm not a quitter, I can do this.

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Getting up to date!

Though I should maybe bring this up to date, now I have a follower!!
I'll leave out the depressing bits...

Few race updates from my blog on Fetch.

APRIL 14th 
Tomorrow I shall be embarking on my longest race/run to date, the Guisborough Moors fell race. It's almost a half marathon fell race, 4 good climbs and the possibility of snow. Eep.

I'm not going to attempt to 'race' it. Just run the runnable bits, walk the tough bits, and get round in one piece. That's the plan anyway!
Having a bigger dilemma over what to wear than the distance at the moment. 

Thursday evening I went for a run with a lady from club. She matches me almost to the second on races, sprints etc and it generally gets a little competitive if we're next to each other training!! We went to Kilburn Woods, just a short drive away, and explored! We didn't get lost, we were route finding *cough cough* But it was really pleasant to run with someone at my pace, nice and relaxed, no worry about time (or direction particularly!) and it restored my faith a little in the whole running business. 
Since then, I have done very little, resting up prior to tomorrow's aforementioned adventure... *frantically crams in more pasta*

APRIL 15th - Guisborough Moors Fell Race

I packed my bags last night, jelly babies, cake waterproofs etc. Ate loads of calories and got a good sleep.
Glad I checked my Facebook this morning as my friend decided we should set off 10 mins earlier than we'd planned as parking can be a bit tight. A Brisk walk in the sunshine got me to our designated meeting point in plenty of time!

It was the right decision as there were rugby matches going on the rugby club (how dare they!) and parking was limited.

There was a good turnout and it was with great trepidation I paid my fee. Part of me was calm, I had brought food, water and last weekend we'd walked the route. The other part of me was terrified!! "12 miles is a f*cking long way with some f*cking big hills!! AArgh!!"

Had a quick chat with Flip who was casually supping a mug of coffee...

My plan was simple, run the flat bits, walk the steep bits, have the odd jelly baby and get round in one piece.

Before too long it was 11am and we gathered on the road, ready for the off.
Straight into climbing!! Up through Guisborough Woods on a very muddy, quite steep bank. About 3/4 of the way up I realised I'd have to come down this...
Like everyone, I managed to run past the photographer!

Out onto the moor along a narrow path through the heather. The sun was out, the going was good, a few good bogs but they were easily avoided. Then onto a good track skirting Codhill Heights. I was quite hot so took off my jacket. A gradual decent made for some good running before jumping a stream then climbing out onto Percy Cross Rigg.
Here the headwind hampered the progress somewhat but it was only a short section and I chatted to another runner before we turned onto a muddy track and steeply downhill.
Which of course meant an even steeper uphill! Had to walk that! 
We entered the plantation of Coate Moor which winds it's way through the trees to eventually reach Captain Cook's Monument. The sky was now brooding and a little hail fell.
Fast down Cock Shaw Hill, navigating the fallen tree and a welcome water station in the carpark at Gribdale. The chap asked me if I was ok and I managed to make some joke. I was surprised to find I was quite ok. 
Another stiff climb out of Gribdale, the hard bit was to come in about a mile... Roseberry Topping, followed by Little Roseberry. Oh my. Walked all the way up, bit of a faff on the way down cost me a place then my calves were screaming on the way up Little Roseberry. I tried going sideways a little, it sort of helped but was hard work!!

Now across the moor.

I could see the sky to the north was black, and before long the blizzard started. Horizontal, in your face snow. We were on a narrow, muddy path and it was difficult to see where I was going. I had to stop to tighten my shoe laces and it was nice that a (passing) runner AND some walkers both asked if I was ok! I suppose I was hunched over in the heather, in a blizzard.

At that point, I must admit I thought I've had enough now.

Then I fell over!
Thankfully a soft landing, I have a bruised bum but I think I'll survive...
The snow continued as we passed High Cliff Farm. The small stand of trees just off the moor looked quite pretty in the snow.
Last steep bit onto Highcliffe Nab where the photographer was perched and I managed to give him the thumbs up and a cheesy grin! Not far to go now!
Back into the woods, I was amazed I was still running. Well, not walking anyway. Did start feeling a bit sick though.
Then the drop down the muddy bank. My legs were a bit weak by now and I walked down most of it. At the bottom it levelled out and I finished the race at a run! Hurrah! I had a little 'hands-in-the-air' celebration as I crossed the line!

I walked back to the rugby club where my friend was waiting for me.

I peeled off my mud caked clothes and got a nice cup of tea. I felt too sick to eat the cake I brought, but everyone else tucked in.
My friend had won her age category and came away with two bottles of red.

All in all, I enjoyed it. Challenging race on good terrain, had I have been up to it, there were chips and bacon butties on sale afterwards too.
It was nice to see Flip and Phil G and my old boss from when I worked at Scunny General, he'd really enjoyed it too.

By the time I'd got home, my stomach had stopped churning and I was ready for chocolate and pasta! 

So what have I learnt today?
- I am improving BUT there is still a lot of work to do.
- I need to work on my downhill technique/guts! That cost me at least 3 places alone. 
- Jelly babies are very tasty, but hard to chew!

And I've got my first race-tumble out of the way.

Oh, and I wasn't last.

MAY 11th - Three Races In One Week!

Not quite the 10-in-10 but even so!

1. First Harrogate and District Summer Race League (HDSRL) fixture at Ilkley. Good turn out of runners and T+S Harriers. We managed to organise ourselves and mostly car share. 
Grey and drizzly and quite cool, but I managed to run in just my vest. (Well, leggings and trainers too of course *shocked smilie* )
The course went up 'that hill' which if anyone has been to Ilkley will know what I mean! Of course, what goes up must come down.
I was meant to be taking this as a training run, but it turned out I'd put out 8 1/2 minute miles which is quite good for me! Ran the whole hill, which was tough.
The HDSRL events are all catered afterwards, so I tucked into sarnies, crisps and cold sausage, nommy. Late night getting home.

2. First NEHRA summer series fell race, Carlton Challenge. Only a short race, but with twice the ascent of last nights road race!!
It was even colder, with mist on top this time too. I had long sleeves and started in my cagoule! Legs didn't feel too bad while running (walking up the big climb) but I later found the only reason I wasn't last was because one lady's calf went 'ping' about half way round so she and her friend walked the rest of the course...
I did however bag 2 bottles of wine for no particular reason!

Couple of days to rest, then...

3. Bluebell Trail 10 at Halifax, hosted by the Stainland Lions. Lovely weather at last! Very interesting course, a little narrow at the start with a couple of busy road crossings, but otherwise quite pleasant. I did get stuck behind some dithering little old ladies in the woods not far off the start and wondered if this is what it's like getting stuck behind me on a fell descent... I took off over rocks and through mud to get around. (Impatient young whipper snapper!)
Trooper Lane was everything it promised to be, and I gladly took a jelly worm from a marshall to munch! The race ends with a river crossing, I think a couple of other people have posted pics in the gallery. It was knee deep and quite refreshing, then it's a short squelch across the grass to the finish. 
Lovely course, well organised and marshalled and the goodie bag contained a Buff and a Lion bar, om nom nom!
Managed 10 1/2 ish minute miles for that one, I could have run faster (only a little bit!) but I wasn't *racing* as such so that was ok.

That'll do. Thank goodness for 'copy and paste'!

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Nothing to add

No point in blogging really, just re-read any previous training related post, but put todays date on it.

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Distances for Jan and Feb

Just a bunch of numbers for my own pleasure... these should get gradually more impressive as my training progresses. At least that's the theory.


Total mileage - 112.22

Miles run - 39.26
Miles walked - 72.96

Jan 1st - 6.2 miles (5 mile race, 1.2 walk)
Jan 2nd - 3.86 mile walk.
Jan 3rd - 8.53 mile walk.
Jan 4th - 4.4 miles (1.4 walk, 3 run- intervals at club)
Jan 5th - 1.4 mile walk.
Jan 6th - 1 mile walk. 
Jan 7th - 9.85 mile hike.
Jan 8th - 2.58 mile walk.
Jan 9th - 7.55 miles (4 run, 1.55 walk, 2 at club) plus 1/2 hr yoga, circuits at club.
Jan 10th - 4.8 mile walk.
Jan 11th - 3 miles (1 walk, 2 at club) Plus circuits at club.
Jan 12th - 2.26 mile walk (rest day!)
Jan 13th - 0.9 mile. arse.
Jan 14th - 4.06 mile run. 
Jan 15th - 4.37 mile walk.
Jan 16th - 5 miles. (3 walk, 2 at club) plus 1/2 hr yoga, circuits at club.
Jan 17th - 8.8 miles. (4 walk, 4.8 run) plus 1/2 hr yoga.
Jan 18th - 1 mile walk.
Jan 19th - naff all.
Jan 20th - 1/2 hr Just Dance
Jan 21st - naff all, again...
Jan 22nd - 1.54 miles.
Jan 23rd - 1.47 mile walk.
Jan 24th - 4 mile walk plus 1/2 hr yoga.
Jan 25th - 3.24 miles run, inc time trial. Plus circuits at club.
Jan 26th - 1.47 mile walk.
Jan 27th - 1.53 mile walk.
Jan 28th - 1.55 mile walk.
Jan 29th - 6.36 mile geocaching.
Jan 30th - 10.66 miles (7.16 run, 2 at club, 1.5 walk) plus 40 min yoga and circuits at club.
Jan 31st - 1.47 mile walk.


Total milage - 124.2

Miles run - 70.70
Miles walked - 53.50

Feb 1st - 6.02 miles (4.02 walk, 2 at club) plus circuits.
Feb 2nd - buggar all, rest day.
Feb 3rd - buggar all...erm, another rest day apparently...
Feb 4th - 2.86 miles walk.
Feb 5th - 0.79 walk. FFS
Feb 6th - 11.05 miles (4.26 walk, 4.79 run, 2 at club) plus 1/2 hour yoga and circuits at club.
Feb 7th - 1.47 mile walk.
Feb 8th - 7.53 miles (1.47 walk, 4.06 run, 2 at club) plus circuits.
Feb 9th - 0.9 miles walk.
Feb 10th - 0.9 miles walk.
Feb 11th - 1.86 mile walk.
Feb 12th - 2.73 mile run. Stupid snow/ice.
Feb 13th - 8.47 miles (7 run, 1.47 walk) plus 3/4hr yoga.
Feb 14th - 1.55 mile walk. stupid work!
Feb 15th - 8.77 miles (1.47 walk, 4 run, 3.3 at club)
Feb 16th - 1.96 mile walk
Feb 17th - 2.96 mile run.
Feb 18th - 7.4 miles (4.82 run, 2.58 walk)
Feb 19th - 8.74 mile walk.
Feb 20th - 3.96 miles (1.96 walk, 2 at club) plus circuits
Feb 21st - 5.92 miles (4.06 run, 1.86 walk) plus 1/2hr yoga.
Feb 22nd - 2.58 miles walk.
Feb 23rd - nuffink.
Feb 24th - 5.53 miles. (4.06 run, 1.47 walk)
Feb 25th - 3.06 mile walk.
Feb 26th - 6.3 miles. (5.4 fell race, 0.9 walk)
Feb 27th - 5.31 miles. (1.55 walk, 2 at club, 1.76 run) plus circuits at club.
Feb 28th - 10.49 miles. (8.53 run, 1.96 walk)
Feb 29th bonus day! - 5.1 miles (1.86 walk, 1.23 run, 2.01 TT) plus 30 mins yoga.

Blogging instead of running?

Marathon training is going ok so far. Up to the grand distance of 9.3 mile 'long' runs. My overall weekly mileage was 32 miles last week though, almost double what I normally do. That's good progress!
I've come to the conclusion that I need to exercise first. Today, my plan said a 3-4 mile interval session. It's half 3 and I havn't been out and probably wont. Fortunately I can do it tomorrow as part of my club session, but that is besides the point. I should have just gone straight out when I got in with the dog. (I'd walked her to the vets and back for her vaccinations. Poor thing is zonked out at the moment.) But instead I fannied about, had to have a drink, then lunch then a bit more fannying and basically ran out of time/enthusiasm for anything much.
I'm going to rue every wasted moment when I go back to full time in May. All this time I could (should) have spent training or cleaning or baking or anything other than sitting on Facebook and bloody Fetch!
I was having some doubts as to whether this marathon is a good idea while I was running yesterday. Fannying aside, will I ever be ready? Can I really prepare for 26 miles, 3500ft in such a space of time? I think it's the 3500ft that scares me more than the 26miles in a way. For 26 miles you can just keep plodding, walking if you have to and get round. It's the climbing that will exhaust the unprepared. I've done very little in the way of serious hills so far in my training. Although on Thursday I went with a group of blokes from club for a night run in Wass Woods which is moderately hilly and I didn't walk once, even though I desperately wanted to! (Just looking and that is only 261m or approx 800ft of ascent. Hmm keep climbing...)
Advice is vague, just really time on feet. All the various plans assume to want to do the London Marathon and don't really offer what I want for a tough fell marathon. Indeed, people talk of sub 3hr times like it's normal. The current female record for the Phoenix stands at 4hr15mins. Ha, I'll be lucky to get sub 6hrs I reckon!
Mind you, without the kick up the arse of the encroaching start date, I'll only flounder around the 10mile mark forever without ever really testing what I can do.

And this is why I should be out there, not sat here musing.

Sunday 12 February 2012

Stupid snow.

Todays run was perhaps a little disappointing.
We have OH's little daughter and thought we'd go sledging up top. Well, they'd sledge and I'd run. I'd quickly mapped out a 5.5mile route along the Cleveland Way as far as Dialstone, then back along the road. I figured about an hour in the icy conditions.
We set off a little later than planned so I decided to simply run out for 30 mins, then back for 30 mins.
Well, the going alternated from sheet ice to ankle deep, foot numbing slush and everything in between. I didn't fall but did progress quite gingerly. By the time my 30 mins was up, I'd hardly covered any distance at all. The Dialstone turning was way off in the distance.
About a third of the way back, I found OH and daughter had come to meet me. Turns out there wasn't enough snow for sledging. I walked back with them.
It took 52 mins to cover less than 3 miles!! I may as well have walked!

 The little dot is me heading off into the distance!

 Looking along the route to High Barn.

 At High Barn.

 My sexy socks!

Cleveland Way finger post.

Bad time management/food planing/lazyness meant I didn't do any other exercise for the rest of the day.

It hasn't helped today that we had a big meal at lunch time and no proper tea, this means I have snacked all evening. I have though managed to resist the crisps and choccies and instead had malt loaf, tinned fruit and cheese. Not all in the same dish I hasten to add!!

I worry about my diet, yet I have been reading the blog Binks did of his LANY race last year and he seems to have existed on fast food and soda. Most of my fell running friends partake of regular cake and beer. Maybe I should stop worrying so much and so long as I get my F+V and plenty of protein, just enjoy a little? Dunno, it's not like I have a weight problem...

So, the proper training starts a week tomorrow. Maybe I should just start it tomorrow and be done with it? The only difference it will make is a slight improvement...

Saturday 11 February 2012


The training for my marathon officially begins next week. So, how do I feel about where I am now, before it all starts? A little scared to be honest. Can I stick to the plan? Can I get in enough hills? Will there be enough daylight to get the miles in? Currently, I'm being beaten at my own game in the distance challenge, I think I came last in January. Not looking good this month either...
Not exactly sure what is holding me back at this time? I do have reasons/excuses for not going out, but I'm sure they're not the most convincing of arguments.
'I don't have anyone to run with.' This is true. But, both Vicky and Steve are available if I can just get them organised.
'It's dark.' Yeah? and I have a headtorch. It is a bit dodgy round here, not for being mugged, but for getting run over. Which takes me onto...
'I have to drive to get anywhere decent.' That only matters once in a while surely? And also dangerous if something happens, which takes me back to the first excuse.

I don't want to be stood on the start line filled with doubt. Well, no more doubt than normal anyway!
I have just 5 months to get my act together...

Tuesday 10 January 2012

January Distance Challenge Update

So far I have done...

Total mileage - 48.37

Miles run - 14.0
Miles walked - 34.37

Jan 1st - 6.2 miles (5 mile race, 1.2 walk)
Jan 2nd - 3.86 mile walk.
Jan 3rd - 8.53 mile walk.
Jan 4th - 4.4 miles (1.4 walk, 3 run- intervals at club)
Jan 5th - 1.4 mile walk.
Jan 6th - 1 mile walk. 
Jan 7th - 9.85 mile hike.
Jan 8th - 2.58 mile walk.
Jan 9th - 7.55 miles (4 run, 1.55 walk, 2 at club) plus 1/2 hr yoga, circuits at club.

Blog 366?

I had toyed with the idea of making a point to blog every day, preferably with pictures, but I never got round to it!

The 2012 Distance Challenge is underway, Phillip, Hester and now Kevin are all having a go this year.
My aim personally is to cover 1800 miles in a combination of walking and running.
I have sent off my entry form for the Swaledale Marathon and am awaiting a reply to say yay or nay.

Not sure how the streaking is working out, other than it's not really.

The year so far has been good.

We pre-empted it with a little trip to Robin Hood's Bay, one of our favourite places. Just took a walk along the cliffs to Boggle Hole, back along the beach. Then we ate chips in the car. It was quite busy despite the blustery weather.

On the first of Jan I took part in the annual Captain Cook Races, there was a record turn out of 290 senior runners! My time wasn't a record, but I had great fun in the hail and mud and made a new Fetchie friend.


That's me in yellow, No17. This is near the beginning, passing through a farmstead on our way out of Great Ayton.


...and coming through the kissing gate on my way back home!

On the second, we went to Reeth. The idea was a good walk, but we set off late and the weather was horrid - more high winds driving horizontal rain and snow - so we just took a short walk to the iron age fort at Harkerside.

This is the snow on the moor road.

This is the fort, honest!

On the 3rd I took doglett out to recce a potential route which went out to Bagby and Thirkleby. Looks good. Just walked it for now as the wind was still silly. Ended up doing 8.5 miles!

Then back to work for a couple of days, with a club session in the stupid wind.

At the weekend we were meant to be going camping, but the initial weather forecast had put us off. Turned out to be fine after all.
On the Saturday (7th) we went for a longish walk from Sutton Bank, through Scawby and Cold Kirby, approx 10miles all told. I shall blog the route seperately as this post is long enough already!

Back to reality now. I'm on my 'part-time' pattern at work (or rather at home on the sofa!) hence I have time to write. Dad has invited us to join them in Hawes at the end of April, so that should be an interesting trip...