Tuesday 10 January 2012

Blog 366?

I had toyed with the idea of making a point to blog every day, preferably with pictures, but I never got round to it!

The 2012 Distance Challenge is underway, Phillip, Hester and now Kevin are all having a go this year.
My aim personally is to cover 1800 miles in a combination of walking and running.
I have sent off my entry form for the Swaledale Marathon and am awaiting a reply to say yay or nay.

Not sure how the streaking is working out, other than it's not really.

The year so far has been good.

We pre-empted it with a little trip to Robin Hood's Bay, one of our favourite places. Just took a walk along the cliffs to Boggle Hole, back along the beach. Then we ate chips in the car. It was quite busy despite the blustery weather.

On the first of Jan I took part in the annual Captain Cook Races, there was a record turn out of 290 senior runners! My time wasn't a record, but I had great fun in the hail and mud and made a new Fetchie friend.


That's me in yellow, No17. This is near the beginning, passing through a farmstead on our way out of Great Ayton.


...and coming through the kissing gate on my way back home!

On the second, we went to Reeth. The idea was a good walk, but we set off late and the weather was horrid - more high winds driving horizontal rain and snow - so we just took a short walk to the iron age fort at Harkerside.

This is the snow on the moor road.

This is the fort, honest!

On the 3rd I took doglett out to recce a potential route which went out to Bagby and Thirkleby. Looks good. Just walked it for now as the wind was still silly. Ended up doing 8.5 miles!

Then back to work for a couple of days, with a club session in the stupid wind.

At the weekend we were meant to be going camping, but the initial weather forecast had put us off. Turned out to be fine after all.
On the Saturday (7th) we went for a longish walk from Sutton Bank, through Scawby and Cold Kirby, approx 10miles all told. I shall blog the route seperately as this post is long enough already!

Back to reality now. I'm on my 'part-time' pattern at work (or rather at home on the sofa!) hence I have time to write. Dad has invited us to join them in Hawes at the end of April, so that should be an interesting trip...

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