Saturday, 12 July 2014

Early July, not much happening.

What it says in the title!

Following on from the Swaledale social run, we went to Kilburn Woods for a Monday night hill reps session with Sonja.

Wednesday was a time trial up on Sutton Bank. Was pleased with a time of 15:33, we had good conditions for a change which helped!

Thursday saw Hilary and I taking it steady round Sowerby Fields, then at the weekend Paul and I took off to the seaside for a spot of camping at Robin Hoods Bay!

Had to skip club first Monday of July as I was drowning in a sea of paperwork, so I sat down and got on with that.
Next training session was 6x 3min intervals with Rob. Think I must have tweaked something behind my knee, feels like either the bit that connects the muscle at the back of my leg into my knee or the end of the muscle itself. Running doesn't hurt, but high-knees or steeping out of the bath does!

Hyper aware that I have a marathon (LDWA Rock and Rowel) rapidly creeping up on me, I can do without a random injury. I haven't done nearly enough training to rest up and taper now. I haven't done nearly enough training full stop. It's weird, I booked my place in this marathon months ago, yet it's crept up on me.

Soldiering on, Hilary and I found ourselves in Kilburn Woods once more with the fast gang! Gosh it was hot, and the woods were full of sweat flies. Yuk.

No training over the weekend as we had Paul's daughter over to stay.

Monday night I jogged down to club and Hilary took us for the session! 6 station circuits before Rob took over for a sprint session. I should not have tried so hard to keep up with Hilary and Helen, as after that my knee REALLY hurt...

Took it a little easier on Wednesday evening as we did a progressive interval session.

Back to Kilburn Woods on Thursday, different group of people out tonight and we took it a lot slower which I was really pleased about. Felt a lot stronger on the hills at this pace and wasn't completely spent at the end!

This time in two weeks today I will be sat here typing about the Rock and Rowel...
Long run to Kilburn tomorrow. Hope it's not too hot.