Saturday 6 May 2017

Rest is bad for you!

Due to my cold (pretty much gone now) and the pre-planned post fellsman easy week (which I suppose I didn't really need) I have had the best part of 2 weeks off. 

Now, my knee and my hip are both niggling. They haven't niggled for months.

Only one thing for it...

Starting to feel a little better?

Since only getting half way round the Fellsman, I have been mostly resting up.
Sunday I slept til lunchtime, dragged myself round an hours dog walk, and power walked just enough to call it a streak saver.

Monday, once OH had slept off his night shift, we went to the seaside. Had a walk along the beach looking for fossils then had tea at the pub.
A late night power walk continued the streak, I also walked the dog to squish a few FetchPoint bugs.

Tuesday I coughed myself stupid on my mile, but I managed to go a bit quicker, a bit more convincingly like an actual run.

Wednesday, apart from coughing so much at one point I was sick (nice, ladylike) I felt quite good on my little jog and even did a tiny bit extra!! My legs have certainly appreciated the rest, despite 30+ miles of fells in the middle of it.

Thursday, tonight, saw my first proper run since Saturday. Thursday night Harriers On Tour were in Boltby for a (not that hilly) little route. Well, I didn't think it was hilly, some of the others would disagree! I stayed nice and relaxed, but still kept up with Gav who is running so strong despite completing the Fellsman less than a week ago. My breathing was fine, although I still had a coughing fit each time we stopped.
Felt like I could go round again when we got back to the car.

So that's a good feeling. My throat still feels funny though, not sore as such, but 'hollow' is the only way I can describe it, like the infection is still active. Taking a deliberate deep breath makes me want to cough, but it's in my throat, not my chest. It needs to bugger off as I have a busy 10 days or so coming up, friends party, 10 mile recce on Sunday and a trip down to Devon for work then finish off with step-daughter coming the following weekend.