Saturday, 26 November 2011

A Week on the new job!!

Monday - Started my new job at Sandhill Veterinary Services today. So far so good. I'm doing a mix of lab work and office work. The lab work is my forte, the office stuff is confusing! I'm sure I'll get there eventually...

New job though means no walk to work. I shall miss that for a variety of reasons, the fresh air wakes me up on a morning; I wave to lots of people I shalln't see any more and it's 40mins worth of exercise!

However, Monday night is club night, Vicki came with me too tonight which was nice.
Sonja was off so Paul G took the session.

Warm up with jogging and a few drills then onto upper body work for a change-

  • Finger stretch things, big arm swings, arm pulls. x30 secs each, 4 reps
  • Twists, star jumps, Can-can(!) x30 secs each, 3 reps.
  • Push ups, squat thrusts x20 secs each, 3 reps.
  • High steps, fast little steps, x20 secs each, 2 reps.
We finished with shuttle runs.

I wasn't sure at the start of the session quite how hard it was going to be, but by the end I had a sweat on! Also quite proud of myself for managing a total of 12 proper push-ups!!
After all this, Vicki, Steve H and Sarah G and I went for a little run round Sowerby in the dark.

Tuesday - Nothing much exiting to report today. Just took the dog for a walk in the dark up Rymer House drive, collected a good few FetchPoints for my troubles...

Also got the Wii out for a spot of Just Dance 2 action! Hmm, how little co-ordination can one person have?!

Wednesday - On my own at work today. Coped ok though.

Wednesday is also club night. I was relieved (as I think everyone was!) when we found we didn't have Alan this week. With Rob being on his hols, we've been having a variety of coaches, but it's been good to mix it up a bit. So Steve M and Stephan took us tonight. 

Warmed up with jogging and a few drills then on to circuits - each excercise for 30-40 secs.First set-

  • Shuttle runs.
  • Lunges.
  • Bunny hops.
  • Squats.
  • High knees on a squishy mat!
  • Step ups.

Second set- 

  • Shuttle runs.
  • Star jumps (touching the floor)
  • Straddle jumps.
  • Squat thrusts.
  • Star jumps (ordinary)
  • Step throughs.
  • Then a third set using our 'favourites' from the first 2.
  • Pyramid session. 4x 30secs, 3x 45 secs, 3x 1min, 3x 45secs, 4x 30secs. 
  • Cool down.
I'm glad it wasn't any harder than this 'cos I was struggling, not physically (although my quads were still quite sore from last week) but motivationally. No post club run tonight!

Thursday - Very lazy and didn't do any exercise what so ever.

Friday - Went on a farm visit with the vet today, was good. 

Not much to report exercise wise, just walked Tammy in Pearsons Wood. In the dark of course.

It's been really chilly with wintery showers and apparently there's been snow on high ground in Cumbria...

Hopefully I'll get a bit more done at the weekend. Need to motivate mayself to get out after work, sitting here muching marshmallows wont get me race fit, will it?! 

(for some strange reason the formatting is all f*cked up on this...)

Ok, in summary - 

Monday - Club night, 2 mile run. Jacket spud and cottage cheese.
Tuesday - 1.1 mile walk, 40-odd mins dancing. Fry-up for tea.
Wednesday - 0.75 mile walk, Club night. Pasta with stir-fry veg and a bit of donner meat for tea(!)
Thursday - 0 exercise, Pork chops, mash and veg for tea.
Friday - 0.75 mile walk. Fish dinner with chips and sweetcorn for tea.

And too many marshmallows these last 2 days...

PS, not competing in a 'distance challenge' this month, a) I want a rest, b) Phillip is injured so it's no contest and c) need to get settled into the new routine after changing jobs.

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