Friday, 27 March 2015

So, what next?

Had a little time to reflect on the Hardmoors last week as I have been poorly with a cold, got the timing just right on that one!!

The HM55 was my A-race for this year so I feel like I can relax a little. I have a whole summer of shorter races to look forward to in the form of the Harrogate League and the Esk Valley summer series.

So, how did the race go? At the time it hurt like hell and I mustn't forget that! Sunday was lost in a haze of fatigue and pain- walking was comical. By Monday I was able to get up without wincing, but was under the grip of my cold. Tuesday my physical body felt fine, only really the bruised soles of my feet still hurting and by Weds if I weren't full of snot I would have considered going to Club training!! So I feel I have recovered quite well, I am still on a high but am dreading the onset of post-run blues and want to be able to get out and run soon, stupid cold.

I need to do more long runs and more hill work if I am to attempt anything like this again! But I think we knew that already...

I also need to work on different things to eat, I ate very little on the run, had I been running for longer I may have run into problems. I had my sweets that work and I'm ok to pick up sweets from checkpoints, but a girl can't run on sweets alone! There didn't seem to be much food at the checkpoints, but that could be because I was at the back... My crisps didn't go down well, nor the pizza (which was an experiment) and my Jaffa cakes got too squashed for me to fancy them!! The only thing I really enjoyed was the melon. I also wished I'd packed some grapes. Trouble is I didn't fancy anything. Reading peoples blogs, a lot of people were eating little nibbly things like nuts and raisins, yoghurt raisins too, I love those, might have to give them a whirl! I also should have eaten my Chia bar sooner. Another thing I'd like to try is salty potatoes, sound yummy.

Of course, then I have to run long enough to feel like I can't eat, then try and eat!

The other thing is of course my knees.
Although they gave up on the descent of Clay Bank, so about 18-20 miles by Monday they were fine. They don't give me any problems day to day. I need to have a chat with our fizz at club but I think it might be ITB related. So, lots of strengthening work on the glutes to try and stabilise it a bit more.

Gear- the normal pack I use for running couldn't carry all the compulsory kit, so I used my hiking rucksack! I have run with my rucksack, but no more than 4-5 miles at a time. I didn't need any of my kit (thank goodness) but easier access to my food would be good and also the option of having two separate liquid sources, I get tired of electrolytes after a while.
However, this may be rectified as my OH has gone ahead and bought me a Salomon running vest! No idea what model or anything so we'll see how that works. Just got to wait for it to arrive...
At some point I also need a new waterproof jacket. My current Berghaus one is on it's last legs and I am pleased I didn't need it. At the moment I can't stomach the price of a new one, but I shouldn't put a price on safety I suppose. It'll see me through the summer fell races and may make a good Birthday/Christmas present later in the year.

I'd also like a smaller arse so I'd look better on the official photographs!! But I guess I can't have everything!! Maybe not a smaller arse, a more toned arse...

Better think about putting a plan together for the summer so I am ready to crack on once this cold subsides, I think that will be soon as I am feeling a lot better today.

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