Friday, 18 April 2014

Another week of good mileage!

Managed lots of running this week, think I am trying to make the most of my part-time stint before going back to full weeks for the summer!
Unlike last time though, I seem to have broken the miles down into more manageable chunks as although my legs feel a little jaded, they're not trashed!

Results were in for Sunday and I was quite disappointed to be 4 minutes slower than last year. But, I stopped three times to help runners who'd fallen. I thought I'd had a reasonable run. But still, it's 12 miles under the belt and every mile is a step closer to my goal of taking on the HM55 next year...

Monday I jogged down to club. I was tired and it was hard work, but it was a glorious evening.

Tuesday I took myself off for a (very slow) run around town. I put in 9.4 miles, mostly off road but flat.

Wednesday evening was time for club again, Peter took the circuits part of the session then we did 6x 3min intervals.

Thursday was a rest!!

Friday, that's today, is Good Friday so a cheeky day off work. The sun was out and I went for an off road run with Sarah around Boltby and Gormire. Another slow one, but trying to save legs a little for Helmsley 10k on Sunday...
So, all that plus Sunday's race adds up to 34miles. Nicely done.

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