Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Sunday Racing- Helmsley 10k

Ok, so perhaps a 30+ mile week wasn't the best preparation for a 10k PB attempt but thought I'd give it a bash!

In decidedly better weather than last year, we rocked up to Helmsley for the 5th Helmsley multi-terrain 10k race.
7 Harriers in a field of around 400.
We were soon off and wound our way up the big hill to Carlton village, and it's a good couple of miles uphill, quite steep at first then eases as you pass through the village, before a sharp right turn takes you past the water station and into Riccal Dale. The route is now on a good track as it undulates through the woods, dropping down towards a farm. Dog leg, through the farm then out onto grassy fields, I made the most of the sharp downhill (but no mud) and over took a few people.
The last mile is over flat fields, but the lush grass makes it hard work and the last little bit through the backstreets of Helmsley has a cheeky gradient!
I overtook a couple more blokes as I approached the gate into the field and the start of the funnel. As I fought down the urge to throw up, I could hear team mates shouting my name and I made it over the line!

After seeing everyone in and putting some warm clothes on, I indulged in a cuppa and a slice of cake while we watched the presentation. We all got a mug AND an Easter Egg, I chose an Aero one.

Just before we left, I spied people with results printouts so I grabbed a couple for club. My time was 50:26. I am pleased with that, I would have liked to get under the 50min mark (which would also be a 10k PB) but this is a tough course, I was however 1 second faster than last year, so that will do. For now...

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