Friday 24 January 2014

BUTT & THIGHS Boom-Boom Bikini Booty Workout!

This ^^^ is the current We Love a Challenge exercise, to be done 3 times during the week.

Did my first session on Tuesday, felt ok at the time, but talk about sore the next day!!
Wednesday saw us at club, being put through our paces by Greg. Difficult to explain what we did, but we worked in groups of three, doing a combination of core exercises and shuttle runs. The final exercise was squat jumps which turned my quads to jelly!! Then we went outside for a 4x 4min interval session (with jelly legs). Averaged 8.25min/miles, little slower than normal, but I blame that on Greg!!

Thursday is headtorch run with Hilary and Becky. First time I've been out with them this year due to one thing or another. By heck it was cold! And it was fast! Didn't switch my Strava app on soon enough, so it missed the first few minutes, but we still did 4 miles in 31 mins!! Faster than last nights intervals!
Straight home for lasagne and chips.

Friday is 'sort of rest night' as in no running, but I have done another session with Bex, working my potato butt into some sort of shape...

And we still have the social run on Sunday to come!!

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