Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Getting up to date - the Big Plan

The Big Plan is going to (hopefully) take me through to the Hardmoors 55 in March 2015. Nothing like looking ahead ay?!
I've brainstormed ideas and critical points I need to work on between now and then.
Such as - Increasing my mileage (obviously!), both weekly totals and distance covered on long runs.
Doing back-2-back long runs to get used to running on tired legs. More headtorch work.
But it's not all about running, I'm aware I need to cross train. I want to include yoga, which I enjoy; and swimming which I don't enjoy so much but it's a good all over exercise.
I also need to work out a better 'in run' fuelling strategy. At the moment I tend to rely on Haribo type sweets, but they get boring after a while, and I often gag on sweet foods at checkpoints! Foods that I'd normally enjoy.

Regarding the mileage, I've drawn up a rough plan of where I'd like my miles to be each week in the 59 weeks I have remaining. This is only a loose plan, I'll work out the details as I go along.

I'm pretty sure it wont be plain sailing!! Life will do it's best to derail me at some crucial moment- I'll get sick, pull a muscle, just be knackered from work or something else will crop up. But my plan is flexible enough I think and looks reasonably sensible...

So, what I have I been up to so far this month?

Jan 1st was Capt. Cooks Fell Race, which I've already blogged about. Great race that one!
7 mile run round the South Kilvington 7 Bridges route.
Club circuits with Sune, wow! A tough start to the club year, the session included modified burpees, seated rows, shoulder press amongst others. We all hurt for several days afterwards...
On the 12th I went to Osmotherly for a nice frosty run with Sarah, followed by homemade soup.
On the 15th I took a 9 mile muddy run round town, followed by core work at home so I skipped club that night!
Sunday 19th saw an early morning swim. 28 lengths of 'old lady' breast stroke. Might not sound like much, but I am rubbish at swimming so I'm quite pleased with that!
Monday I took a 7 mile run over the Mount St. John followed by killer club circuits.

In between all this has been the We Love a Challenge exercises on Facebook, which I am pleased to say I am keeping up with at the moment.

Looking forward- club tomorrow, night run on Thursday all being well and a club social to Osmotherly at the weekend.

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