Friday 21 March 2014

The cold too has passed.

I dragged myself and my virus round Helmsley castle at the weekend when my Stepdaughter came to visit. It was a lot of effort I have to say!

Monday, I did very little at home and skipped club- must be ill!
Tuesday similar, although I managed to do start this weeks We Love a Challenge exercises.

By Wednesday I was feeling much better and decided I should go to club- kill or cure!
Usual warm up and circuits, then the intervals were 5x 4mins. Went out too fast on the first one, but kept up a reasonable pace throughout. Think it loosened some gunk too...

On Thursday Hilary and I had a steady plod round Sowerby before it got dark. It was still light when I got home at 7.20pm. We'll be able to go out for longer soon.
Felt ok after the run.

Think I am back to normal now. The cold itself wasn't 'that bad' but I could feel it tingling in my lungs and didn't want to drag it onto my chest. Anyway, don't need to worry about that anymore!

Thirsk 10 on Sunday, all the planning and preparation will hopefully come together. Lets hope the weather plays ball too!

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