Sunday, 2 March 2014

No kit, no race (Race report)

Fell running rules have changed, not carrying the correct kit can lead to disqualification. It's not much to carry, and lets face it, any runner can turn an ankle and have a long walk home in the pouring rain.

So, with our bumbags and backpacks full, we gathered at Glaisdale on the North York Moors for the latest instalment in the Esk Valley Winter Series - Glaisdale Rigg.
I haven't done this route before so was quite looking forward to it.

Quite quickly, I realised my poor legs weren't as recovered from the weeks HIIT as I thought they were, and I proceeded to struggle. Becky had asked if she could run with me as she's not good at navigating but was worried she'd hold me back... She need not have worried and after the top of the first big hill, I never saw her again! There were plenty of people and the route was well enough marked for navigation to be straight forward.
On the Rigg, it was quite misty. My heavy legs plodded on, trying to keep the runners in front in view.
There came a nice downhill and my legs picked up somewhat. Bouncing over scrub then some long muddy fields but nice to run down.
Over Glaisdale Beck and time to get stuck into a really tough climb. Into trees at the top of the climb, then flatter moorland and sloppy muddy tracks.
My legs were going through cycles of feeling so tired I had to walk, the walk made them feel better so I ran on til I hit the slightest of gradient then I had to walk again. So on and so forth. It was frustrating and in my mind I downgraded the race to a 'training run' and felt better in myself.
We hit road once more, and a glance at my map said we hadn't much further to go, I felt a little disappointed as I was in my stride at that point!
Down the road that turned into a rutted, muddy track. More splatting through mud and puddles, managed to overtake two people on the way down! Over the footbridge and last short push up to the pub and the finish! Phew!

Race profile

Me on Beggar's Bridge after the race.

Washed trainers in the river and got a picture of the famous Beggar's Bridge before settling down with a bowl of chilli to watch the presentations.

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