Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Thirsk 10 - A Marshal's Eye View

After months of planning, the big day finally dawned. It was cold, but sunny with not too much wind.
We all gathered at the racecourse to be given our briefing and told our jobs from head marshal Phillip. Then we got stuck into our duties.
My first job was handing out numbers and timing chips. Sarah and I worked together on our box of numbers, and other people sorted theirs. There were one or two issues, there always are but nothing the team couldn't handle.
At last the shout went up for runners to make their way to the start. It always amazes me the number of people who leave it til the last minute! The race starts at 11am, there is a short walk from the registration area to the start, which is stated on the website information, yet people were still arriving at 5 to 11 to collect their numbers and faff about with chips! Personally, I like to get to a race nice and early.
Anyway, I couldn't hang around as my next job was out on the course at water station 2. As I was looking for one of my helpers, I found a gaggle of marshals tucking into bacon butties! They'd done their start tasks and weren't needed again til the finish. Alright for some, I thought...
I couldn't find my helper so went to the water station without him!
Bernard was already at the station and had made a start on getting the bottles open and ready. Our helper, Stewart arrived and took the micky for me leaving him. ;)
Not long after we'd got sorted, the wheelchair athletes, being led by Stephan on his bike came whizzing by. They're self sufficient liquid wise so they only needed a clap and a cheer.
The lead runner came by at 11:36, he went on to win the race in a little under 51 minutes. Outstanding.
The front runners rarely need a drink, but soon the main pack arrived and they were thirsty!
Another chap, David G had turned up and he helped hand out the water and between the 4 of us we got everyone sorted.
I quite enjoy marshalling, it's great to see the runners in action and to be able to cheer everyone on, especially the people we know!
Once everyone had passed, we began tidying up. Several black bags full of bottles and gel wrappers later and we were done. Back to HQ for a sarnie.
A bit more litter picking and tidying up at HQ before finally we were able to go home. The weather had now turned and it was cold, wet and hailing at times! I was pleased I wasn't stood out in that!!

Overall I think the day was a grand success. Credit to our RD Marian, and everyone on the T10 team and of course all the marshals and helpers who came down on the day.

Later that evening, 30 of us piled into the Raj, a local Indian Restaurant for a nice meal, beer and plenty of banter and laughs.

Race results can be found - here.

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