Friday 28 February 2014

H.I.I.T week!

I feel that although there hasn't been mega mileage recently, I feel like I've done a lot. But then, it always depends who you are comparing it to. The wisest thing to do is only compare to yourself, and perhaps where you'd like to be.

Monday I had to take the car to the garage, so I put on my lycra and ran home from there. I was quite pleased to see exactly 6.0 on my Strava app. The run was uneventful, I'd put too many layers on so was boiling!
Later, once the car was ready I walked back again, taking the dog and a more direct route for about 3 miles.
Even later still, was club training with Sonja. We did similar to recent Mondays, but with 4 exercises instead of three. Tonight was- burpees x 10, shoulder press x10, squats x10, press ups x 10 then 2mins skipping. We did that 3 times before doing the reverse pyramid once more, starting at 12 reps of each exercise and working our way down to one. Then we stretched out.

Tuesday afternoon was spent in York at a meeting to discuss club paperwork and stuff. It was quite productive, but I only just made it back in time for the free taster session hosted by JDW Fitness. In fact, I didn't make it in time and the session had already started! Quite embarrassing as it was me who'd sent the emails round telling everyone to be on time!!
Never mind.
John put us through our paces with a variety of high-intensity-interval-training style exercises. It was hard work and we were all sweating cobs by the time we'd done. Sonja said how proud she was of us and John later said he'd enjoyed working with us.

Wednesday was pain. So, I did the Runners World yoga as suggested by the We Love a Challenge chaps. It was quite nice to stretch out!
Time trial at club tonight, and for some insane reason, I decided to jog down. It wasn't pretty as my legs were barely working after last night...
Greg took the session, which was basically an extended warm up and my legs felt a bit better.
Thoroughly prepared we jogged across to Station Road for the Time Trial. Yeah. Don't think I broke any records. I was very pleased I'd arranged a lift home rather than having to jog back! Did about 6.4 miles in total tonight so happy with that.

Thursday, still very stiff with some quite achey spots, but out for a night run with Hilary and Becky although we didn't really need our headtorches! Woo-hoo, things are looking up! (Although in retrospect maybe we should have used them as Becky nearly disappeared down a hole...)

Friday (today) and Saturday are pretty much rest days now. I will walk the dog obviously and perhaps do a little more yoga, but I have a race on Sunday over at Glaisdale on the moors near Whitby so I need my legs to recover in time for that.

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