Saturday, 15 February 2014

A wet and windy week!

Had a fairly steady week really, for no particular reason.

Went down to club on Monday night as usual. Similar format to last week, working on three exercises, but this time they were: push-up-planks, shoulder press and step-up runs.
Then we did 'something else' which involved one legged press-ups, donkey kicks and jumping lunges! Another tough session from Coach Sonja!!

Tuesday was quiet, I'd seen snow on the Hambleton Hills so I got the dog and my big coat and went up Sneck Yate Bank to have a closer look. I wasn't disappointed.
Then I had to go to work and be on sandwich making duty ready for our client meeting about game bird diseases. It was a late night.

The weather on Wednesday gradually got worse as the day wore on. By the time it was 7 o'clock, it was blowing a gale with sheets of rain coming in sideways. Yuk.
Amazingly, about 15 people turned out into the melee to train! Paul G led the session, modifying it very slightly so we didn't freeze to death on the rest periods, but we still did 2 lots of 5x 2mins intervals.
It seems that pursuing a lighter 'racing weight' might not be such a good thing, as us ladies were frequently being blown sideways into the hedge while the heavier blokes seemed less affected!
Thank goodness for dry pants!
Thank goodness for hot drinks being served at the bar at the Athletic Club!!
Our main committee meeting followed, and we could hear the wind getting even worse outside, later the news reported winds of 70mph locally, and over 100mph in Wales!!

Thursday was the traditional run round Sowerby with Hilary and Becky. Not as wet tonight, but still the wind stopped us in our tracks once or twice.
We didn't have these problems once we were safely inside the Crown and Anchor...

Friday and Saturday are effectively rest days before the Hardmoors Osmotherly Half Marathon, early start tomorrow morning!

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