Friday, 7 February 2014

Boring Friday Night Blog

It's Friday, OH is out at Scouts and I'm bored.
Can't decide if I'm actually ill, or just really tired?


Back to Club on Wednesday. No school so we made use of the cricket/rugby field at the athletic club. Quite a good turn out for a wet, windy, cold night! Everyone was decked out in waterproofs, gloves and hats- all of which came off before too long as the weather really wasn't that bad at all!
We got warmed up then Rob set us off on our interval session. 8 x 1min with 30 secs recovery. Then he treated us to a 3 min rest (I know, we're spoilt!) then we did another 8 x 1min.
Managed to keep up with Hilary, but felt quite sick towards the end. I reckon we put out 8min/miles and hit our marker consistently throughout.

After training we had a meeting to discuss our club race, the Thirsk 10, in March. Preparations are going well.

Thursday evening, back out in the dark with Hilary and Becky for the weekly 4-ish mile route round the farm tracks of Sowerby. We were all a little tired, so we took it steady for a change, which I particularly appreciated as my legs were shot from last night! Even at a steady pace it was hard work.

Was well ready for my tea when I got home!

All day today at work I've felt really 'blah' achey in my back and shoulders and my head is full of treacle. I don't feel snotty or ill as such, but I certainly don't feel right. I hope it's not the lurgy that is going round Club at the moment, as it's been wiping people out and sending them to bed!! I have a half marathon to run a week on Sunday!

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