Saturday, 1 February 2014

A week that was.

Monday night was club with Sonja, everyone was talking about Nikki's brush with hypothermia.

Wednesday was a time trial. We warmed up with some circuits, then jogged across town to Station Road for the time trial. It felt held, always does but I suppose if a time trial felt easy then there's something wrong!! Becky and David set off either side of me and I never saw either of them again... Just waiting on results at the moment.

Thursday night headtorch run around Sowerby with Hil's and into the Crown n Anchor as part of our cool down.

I haven't been doing the We Love a Challenge exercises this week, which is a bit naughty as they centred around foam rollering. Next week a new challenge starts, a month long burpee challenge, oh, and the weekly 'Sting in the Tail' which I need to do before the weekend is out.

Spent quite a bit of time delivering letters to give local residents advance notice of the road closures for the Thirsk 10.

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