Sunday, 11 December 2011

Exiting Times Ahead...

Awaiting the delivery of my complete, box set of Wainwright Guides. Revised and brought up to date by Chris Jesty. This will start the next obsession, Wainwright bagging. We plan to start in January as one of OH's work mates wants us to take him to Wasdale for a bit of winter action up Scafell Pike. Cool. (Freezing?)
Hopefully have some interesting stuff to write about for a change.

Also, the Club chairman emailed me to see if would be interested in taking over the club website. At first I wrote a reply to say thanks, but no thanks. Then I thought about it a bit, how hard can it be? Uploading pics and text, adding a few links here and there. Gav will show me what to do, it has to be worth a try. I want to be an active member of the club and this is a good start. So I said I'd give it a go...

Saturday - Quiet morning at work, boss let me go early. Our new car wasn't ready yet, so I went straight home. Took Tammy for a frosty walk to Felixkirk and back, it was nice. Took my camera and got a few pics. Collected a whole load of FetchPoint credits and another Garmin token.
Icy puddle patterns
Frosted leaves
Heading out to Felixkirk.
Tammy looks out across the fields.
December skyscape.
4.55 mile walk.
Marinaded prawns with spaghetti.

Sunday - Narrowly avoided a mardy this morning by heading out for a run dispite oversleeping and the drizzle! I took myself out to Goldenclough Lane and back. Enjoyed it.
Then it was soon time to head over to Messingham, Lincolnshire; for OH's mum's 70th birthday meal. We had a three course nosh up at the Bird in the Barley. It was good. Aunty Janet came too, we've not seen her for a while.
I worry about gettin old, as I'm sure most people do, but AJ is 74 and still going strong. OK she is bionic now, but it doesn't worry her. Also, the Codlings at Club are both over 70 and they race pretty much every weekend and train during the week. If I can grow old like that, then maybe it wont be so bad. Trying to look after my body now so I can keep hold of it!
Best get munching those veggies!!
4.8 mile run.
3 course dinner-
Deep fried goats cheese
Poached salmon

Back to work tomorrow, don't feel like I've had a weekend... the next lie-in is a loooooong way off...

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