Saturday, 3 December 2011

November Round up and into December!

Monday - Conducted my first post mortems at work today! Just some chicks, but kinda cool all the same.

Club night, Vicki came again which was good.
Paul G took us again and we started with jogging and drills to get warmed up, then nto our equipmentless circuits- 

Finger stretches, arm rolls, arm circles (imagine skipping) 30secs each, 3 reps.
Jumping lunges, high knee kicks, star jumps - 30secs each, 3 reps.
'press ups against the wall' 3x 30 secs.
Wierd leg circles to work the quads 4 x 20 secs.
Leg cycling 20 secs, hold legs up off floor 15 secs. 3 reps.
Sit-up-and-hold, 20 secs x 3.

Shuttle runs to finish, 2 bursts of 30 secs.

Felt a lot more energetic than I did on Wednesday and quite enjoyed bouncing round.

We had a little energy left, so Steve, Vicky and I went for our little jog round Sowerby.

Tuesday - Boring day and zero exercise.

Wednesday - Just me and the boss at work today, thankfully it was quiet, but still we got a couple of new clients.

Club night again, after a warm up/circuit session with Stephan, we jogged across town to do the Station Road time trial! Don't have the times yet, but I don't think I broke any records...

Stephan's circuits - 

split-leg squat thrusts
star jumps
more star jumps!

3 shuttle runs, 10 x exercise, 30 secs rest. 

Spoilt it though with a dirty old kebab for tea, oops.

Thursday - Very quiet at work.

Some how got roped into going to Wass Woods for a headtorch run with Steve and Gavin! They run much faster than me, but I managed to keep up and we covered approx 7.5miles in the trees. Then had a pint at Sutton. It was hard work but I quite enjoyed it, much better than sitting on my bum all evening, tossing it off on here. Also, a good start to my December mileage.

Friday - Felt dehydrated and almost hungover from yesterday, blurgh. Fortunately we were quiet at work. Just walked the dog after tea. 

The FetchPoint game has got serious now as there is a Garmin up for grabs! You have to collect the special markers, but alas! mine wouldn't pick up!! I've sent a message to Lord Fetch in the hopes he can fix it or something.

Saturday - Managed to get to Tesco and Lidl and still be massively early for work. Pleased I got the ironing out of the way yesterday... Just one client today.

Went for a windy but sunny run round Rainton and Asenby after work which was nice. 

Been having a look at the Paleo diet, but I don't know how it would fit in with running? Dunno. I quite like the idea of 'eating clean' but to do it properly is far too restrictive. The Paleo thing is the next step along really. It only uses raw ingredients but allows you to actually cook with them! Could I survive without pasta I wonder?? Possibly not.

Summary for the Week-

Monday - Club night, plus 1.76 mile job, plus 0.75 mile walk. Left over beef curry and rice for tea.
Tuesday - zero exercise. Homemade bacon and cheese quiche with jacket spud and beans.
Wednesday - Club night inc 2 mile time trial, plus 1.1 mile walk. Donner kebab for tea.
Thursday - 7.5 mile run. Curry and rice for tea.
Friday - 1.4 mile walk. Fish and chips for tea.
Saturday - 4.8 mile run. Sausage casserole for tea.

Hmm, think I need to get some veggies in this weekend...

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