Saturday 10 December 2011

A Frosty Week in December

Quick round up really, not much exiting to talk of.

Sunday - Took the dog along Cod Beck for a nice change, then Dad and Stepmum came for lunch. We went to the Lamb Inn at Rainton and it was nice.
Approx 1.5 mile walk.
Sausage, mash and veg.

Monday - Meant to be my day off, but I went in to observe a visit. It was an organic poultry farm and we were there to issue a slaughter certificate. Only took a couple of hours. 
Then I went shopping, yawn.
Went to club, Sonja back in charge tonight.
Lots of jogging and assorted drills to warm up, and a few relays.

Onto circuits-
Approx 40 secs of each exercise-
arm rolls
press ups
shuttle runs
step up and overs

2 sets.
Cool down with stretching.

Managed in total 22-23 proper press ups, very proud of myself!
Plus 1.55 miles with the dog.
Leftover sausage casserole and pasta.

Tuesday - Allowed PMS to ruin my day. felt rubbish, managed to walk the dog but that was about it really. 
Although, we did go to Northallerton to look at a car... put a deposit down on a Volvo S60.
1.4 mile walk.
Pie chips and veg.

Wednesday - Another visit, this one involved a long drive to Scarborough. Nice farm though.
Tonight we had our Sandhill Xmas scoff at Solberge Hall. Very posh, quite nice. 
0.75 mile walk.
Big fat 3 course dinner-
Ham hock and rabbit terrine.
Sea bass.
Chocolate and orange fondant.

Thursday - Long quiet day at work. Had a pint in the Angel afterwards.
1.4 mile walk.
Leftover curry and pasta.

Friday - Another long day. Richard had to go on his visits by himself while I manned the fort. 
Homemade bologanse for tea, plenty of garlic! OH went to Sprouts and got the washing up done at last.
Took Tammy out in the moonlight to track down a Garmin token.
1.78 mile walk.
Spaghetti bolognase.

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