Sunday, 10 April 2016

A Very Different 11 Miles!

Today's plan said 10 miles AT LEAST. Oo-er, the plan is getting bossy!!

I had other jobs to do first, a walk into town for a Doctor's appointment and then I needed to walk the dog. In between that and texting a friend, we made arrangements to meet at her house at 2.30pm.

I set off at 2pm, with far too many layers on! My stupid legs wouldn't work, right hip in particular has been playing up, quite a nuisance walking to town earlier, and now it took over a mile of running for it to settle down.
I left my excess layers, my drink, emergency snack and headtorch all in Helen's porch.

I let her chose the route today as we were going to run around town which is her territory if you like, up on the moor belongs to me!
We set out at a nice steady pace, being buffeted by the wind the whole time, and chatted about this and that.

It is really quite open on the back fields of Sowerby and the wind was quite strong! The path here is good, no mud, which is good as i had chosen comfortable road shoes over grippy trail shoes. We met the main road and ran past the new development on the edge of Sowerby. Some day, they're building a Sports Village here and hopefully we'll finally get a running track...
Then we ducked down a private lane and hopped a fence (naughty!) which met a footpath that took us to the other main road near the train station. Through the station car park and onto another footpath, this time across fields and around the back of the race course. This takes us past the field where we have our Easter Handicap race.
The footpath comes out near the Athletics Club and the start line of the Thirsk 10 if anyone is familiar with that race... 
Then we went by Lidl and Tesco (all the sights on this run!) and back down into Sowerby to Helen's house. 
I knew if I hung around, I'd seize up, so I grabbed my bag of stuff and headed across town towards home.

Had to have a walk break as I was very thirsty and had a handful of sweets too. At the bottom of Plump Bank, the (not very big) hill up to my lane end I considered stopping my Garmin and walking home. For whatever reason, I didn't and shuffled on. 
At my gate, I noticed I was just short of 11 miles, about 10.8 and I felt the need to round it up to 11!! Not bad for someone who was going to quit a mile ago... So that's what I did!

The biggest surprise came when I did stop my watch and it gave me a brief summary of the run, today's flat non-muddy run was SLOWER than the one on Sunday! Ok, my legs worked better on Sunday I suppose, but even so.
Just goes to show, off road really does suit me better!

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