Sunday 10 April 2016

Lifting Dead Romanians...

Hmm, maybe I've got that wrong?

Anyway, today was my first ever PT session with JDW. I was excited but also quite nervous as I had no idea what to expect.
I jogged down to his studio gym place, sounds posh but it's really just a unit on the industrial estate! Only 13 mins jog away so that is handy.

Seeing as I was already warmed up, we got straight on with it. He checked out my posture and balance through basic moves, squat and lunges. I am a big wobbly and lack strength in my bum, apparently. So we worked on bridges and stretches for the hamstrings and glutes.
Then we had a go at the Romanian dead lifts, but to my embarrasment the empty bar was too heavy!! I could lift it, but I couldn't do it with proper form as my shoulders were hunching. So we tried various kettlebells and found the 12kg one to be enough of a challenge with out compromising form.
Then I did some seated rows, top weight being 60lbs. Back definition, here we come!!

The idea is, he wants to help me increase my performance as an ultra runner by improving my flexibility and strength. I have never lifted weights before (besides the odd kettlebell added to a squat) so this is new to me.

It was odd working one-on-one and you have to forget about being self concious at all, especially while walking around like a constipated crab with a rubber band round your knees...
He was very focused on form and posture and doing everything nice and slow which makes a change from club where core sessions tend to be 'how many reps can you bang out in 30 seconds'

I ran home again after and was 4 seconds faster despite it being uphill on the way home, improvement already?!

As I am getting this training for free, I feel I should include a link to John's website... so here it is- Link (roll over me to see where I go)

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