Sunday 10 April 2016

An alleged 'easy' week in Feb

It's supposed to be a cut back week, dammit!!

After Sunday's adventure, I didn't feel the need to do much running, but I still have a streak to maintain. So, I did a mile round the industrial estate where JDW is based which also doubled up as a warm up. It was very icy in places, so I had to be careful.

Into the PT session, again looking at engaging the core and glutes. We did some different things from last week but also had a practice at the Romanian Dead lift form as that feels weird.
The funniest bit was we had a Boson board (one of those wobble board things) and standing on one leg, threw a ball backwards and forwards. Needless to say I was rubbish at that, I have no balance what so ever!

Exercise done for Monday.

Then comes Tuesday...

Managed to organise Helen and Gavin for an earlyish run in Kilburn Woods. There was some snow around, but not as much ice as we feared. We clocked up 7.2 miles with lots of hills!! We went all the way up to the bank and all the way back down to the Horse Gate. 
Coming along the Horse Gate path, I was already running reasonably hard (relatively speaking) and was aware of Gavin right on my heels, I went to let him past but somehow it turned into a bit of a race! 
''Don't stop til the newt pond!'' he says through gritted teeth, I just continue wheezing in reply.
By heck, I burned in places I haven't burned for a while!
This did result in me taking top spot for the associated Strava segment, so thats good.
We had to trot back down to find Helen who didn't know which way we'd gone, oops.*
Then up and over Hood Hill, we took that a little more sensibly but enjoyed the long muddy descent on the other side.
Stretching out in the car park I found my trainers have split! Oh no, only got them for Christmas, barely done 70 miles in them. Have to get that sorted. (I hate sorting that sort of thing.)

Got home and had time for a quick drink and snack and a change of clothes then back down to town for another PT session! Two in one week! I can add John to the long list of people trying to kill me off...

Today we did some (quite light) weights. Including wide-grip lat pull downs and adding (small) dumbells to exercises such as reverse lunges, squats and oblique stretches. 
It was hard (as I am as weak as a new born lamb...) but I enjoyed it.
My arms wouldn't work afterwards though!!

John is very good on form, keen for me to get it spot on each time, no compromise. He is full of useful information and knowledge. The only down side is that once my ultra is done, the training will be too and I can't afford to pay for a personal trainer :( 
Still, I keep writing down what we are doing so I can still do a lot of it myself at home.
(Mind you, if I did all the various exercises and routines I had written down, I wouldn't need a personal trainer in the first place... lol)

*Don't worry, Helen speaks her mind and if she had been annoyed with us, she would have said!! It's interesting on a run like that she was plodding along at the back, but I am yet to beat her on an actual race!

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